Round the First

I just watched the final BCS Championship Game.  It was a fun one.  A helluva game if you will.  Of course I am sad to see that the SEC did not reign supreme in the end, but what a great season for Auburn and really for the entire SEC fanbase in general.  When watching this game you might think that if there was no pass interference penalty then Auburn would have won or if the coverage was better on that Winston pass to Benjamin, then the winner would be the Orange and Blue.  But when you step back and realize that the game is not won on one play or one moment, you realize a lot more about fighting cancer.  I know we all think back to the one second miracle play in the Iron Bowl, but didn’t both teams have to fight to get to the tie score anyway?  No football games are not won by a mere moment, but by moments.
After my first visit with the red devil and company, I headed off to Lake Bruin, LA.  So what’s the first way to make it through a round of side effects?  Go to a peaceful place with some of your best supporters.  We worked puzzles, ate food, laughed, talked, and all the while I was waiting on the dreaded effects to set in.  Well after a day at the lake we were back home and still I felt like Bryce.  The weekend came and went and I began to think, “hey this is really not bad.”  Monday morning hit me, but not like you would think.  See I thought I would hit like a ton of bricks, but see these chemicals work differently than you think.  I constantly felt like something was wrong from the moment I woke up until I went to bed.  My body was not my own.  My heart was racing.  I couldn’t catch my breath.  The tips of my fingers would go numb and then come back to life.  War always starts softly doesn’t it?  It’s never a huge boom and everyone is fighting. No.  It starts quiet and by the time you are in the heat of it, you realize the signs were there the whole time.  So Monday was bad and Tuesday was worse.
I never miss the chance to watch the Bulldogs play football in person.  Cancer took it’s first victim from me on December 31.  An early morning migraine followed by hours of heart pounding and exhaustion meant no Liberty Bowl visit for me.  It is the first bowl game I have missed since our last appearance in the Liberty Bowl.  Not a big victim right?  Well in my case it was, not because I love MSU football, but because I am stubborn and I am determined not to let this disease affect my daily desires and plans.  Cancer won this one, but hey the Dawgs still won the game.  I still got to watch from a seat in front of a warm fire, but it wasn’t how I planned to view the victory.
The next few days were easier to deal with but still tough.  There was no late night nausea and aching bones.  There was no intense pain.  There was no hair loss.  There was just enough to cause me discomfort.  So why the discussion about the BCS Championship?  Well I decided that fighting this fight is not going to be about the last second of the game where I need a hail mary.  This fight is going to be about every play.  Every play I have to be ready and set to be my best.  That means I have to keep grinding every day through every moment.  Life is not about the miracle moments, but that each moment is a miracle.  I now treat every moment where there is no pain as a blessing.  I can use those times to build myself up for the hard moments that will come with the next round.  It’s like preparing for the big game and then once I am in the game each moment is important.  And when it’s time for a miracle play I am there for the Kick Six.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

Round 2 starts Friday.  GameDay.

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