Coaster Crusade Chapter 1

This week I have been working on a HUGE post about Disneyland Paris, but it is not ready for this week.  Instead I have decided to give a brief preview to my upcoming book Coaster Crusade. Yes this is a rough draft, BUT please if you have any comments send me messages about it. I would love to hear some feedback good and bad! I hope you enjoy it and look next week for my big review of Disneyland Paris! Continue reading

What Exactly Is Your Job Now?

It’s the question I have received innumerable times over the last four months.  Well actually there are two questions.

  1. Do you like your new job? (yes)
  2. What exactly do you do? (it’s complicated)

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Paris – Summer 2015

This summer has been one of my all time favorites if not the best summer ever. Thus I want to share that with you.


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